We handle archival work on LTO, Server, or Platform Upload:

  • Raw Shooting Material (All material generated on the SET)
  • Masters and Projects
  • Deliveries with access letter

Whether on a daily, weekly, or end-of-shooting basis, as agreed upon in contracts or as a production company’s own requirement, we provide this service with the utmost security and speed, meeting established deadlines within 12 or 24 hours, as agreed. We send a checksum via email so that copies supporting project security can be deleted, thus reducing costs. LTO costs are ten times cheaper than hard drives, and they are also much safer. The tapes are guaranteed for 30 years, compared to the maximum of 5 years found in disks.

Additionally, we offer custody of deliveries with access letters, stored on LTO within the laboratory in a conditioned room. Access is granted based on distribution requirements.