Offering technical advice for creating workflows during the pre-production stage, where work processes and necessary materials are established according to the budget. No matter how small the shoot, the design of the workflow is crucial and necessary. Feel free to consult with us at no cost to obtain our opinion based on extensive experience.

Being able to do it from any location and covering any budget, tanking care of the supervision and organization of tasks such as:

  • Scout, training and management of professionals involved
  • Camera, audio and project configuration docs
  • Speed and time calculations for optimization and understanding of requirements
  • Storage and security standards
  • Color pipeline
  • Filming LUTs and on-set color work coordination
  • Metadata handling
  • Sound synchronization
  • Quality control
  • Dailies
  • Editing projects
  • Report generation
  • Organization of material distribution to various departments
  • Workflow testing with lab

Base Workflow for Platforms with Livegrade