With this service, we provide the fast and secure transmission of material, which can commonly be divided into:

– Editing Material (Transcodes, sound, reports, etc.)

– Raw Shooting Material (All material generated on the set)

– VFX (server for VFX work in different locations)

Through our system, we obtain the maximum bandwidth available from the connection where the material will be downloaded or uploaded. Typically, with a symmetric fiber connection, the transmission of 1TB takes four hours. All of this encrypted, ensuring maximum security, along with a checksum that is performed once the transmission is complete. This allows us to have total confidence that the transmitted material is identical to the original.

It can be configured on the disk or RAID of each project, both in our laboratory and anywhere in the world, automating the processes. As a result, the material does not need to be downloaded, as it will already be on the desired computer when the upload is finished, reducing the time by 50%. Dedicated lines can also be assigned for projects that require them, ensuring a point-to-point connection that solidifies the system.

The pricing is based on TB and depends on the frequency, users, and the amount of material to upload or download, applying the workflow that is best for the project.

This service opens up a world of possibilities and immediacy in today’s collaborative and global work environment.